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Triple Point Consulting comprises a select group of high caliber professionals with collectively over 100 years of experience in Maritime, Energy, Oil & Gas, Mining, Financial, Human Resources, Risk Management, Audit & Compliance and Information Technology.

A results-driven team of exceptional problem-solvers, we have faced, and successfully overcome many business challenges. We are passionate about sharing our knowledge and experiences, and developing our clients to be self-sustainable, resilient and adaptable.

We deliver bespoke solutions globally.

Aids to Navigation Management

Ensuring compliance to Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS), Chapter V, Regulations 12 and 13

Total Asset Management

Extracting maximum value out of your assets

Audit and Compliance

Ensuring compliance to standards through Audit and Verification Services

Enterprise Risk Management
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Conducting of enterprise-wide risk management

Training and Development

End-to-end people-centric processes and skills development

Incident Investigation 

Incident investigation and accident prevention

Information Technology

Providing end-to-end ITC Solutions


Business Development, Capital Investment Management or any specific client requests

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